Details of the Tour Through Helicopter at the Grand Canyon

The most visited spot on a helicopter while touring and flying over the Grand Canyon is the Eagle point. This is located in the region of the West Rim of the Grand Canyon and is a perfect destination for the people who want to complete their tour in a short span of time and enjoy the maximum part of the Canyon. This tour enables an individual to see most parts of the Canyon while they fly and refresh themselves by viewing the beautiful surroundings of the Canyon.

Discoveries that one can do while touring over the Canyon on a helicopter

The tour of the Grand Canyon conducted on a helicopter mainly starts from a point known as the Boulder City which is a rich and historical place located at the Canyon. Choosing the right helicopter to fly above the Canyon can provide the tourists with the most magnificent view from atop angle and if the helicopters have large and glassy windows, the exploration and tourism can be worth every penny as the tourists can easily discover the Canyon from a 180-degree angle. The tour is then conducted to the Hoover Dam where the tourists can view unrealistic and unbelievable scenes outside while observing Lake Mead from a distant altitude. The rugged wilderness of the deserts can be explored to unveil the charismatic and wonderful appeal of nature. Along the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, the tourist can explore a lot of magnificent things that are visible while flying in the form of ancient pillars, cathedral buttresses, and the side canyons filled with mysteries. Each passing minute that one spends on the Grand Canyon helicopter tour serves their minds with the utmost amount of joy and thrill at the same time. For better convenience and comfort during the flight, all the tourists are advised to wear clothing in which they feel free and also the footwear that helps them to relax their feet.

canyon view

Details about the helicopters touring over the Grand Canyon

The helicopters that fly over the Grand Canyon are not only luxurious but also safe at the same time. These provide the best views to the flyers and are equipped with all forms of safety protocols for the flyers. The helicopters are manufactured using the technology named Whisper Jet which provides a quiet ride. Each helicopter can carry a maximum of six passengers with seats facing in the forward direction. The windows are large and customized to provide the viewers with the most brilliant view while they fly over the Grand Canyon. The helicopters are equipped with narrations during the tour in multiple languages and with the most pleasant music that enriches the minds of the tourists during their course of the flight. The primary languages used for the purpose of narration are Cantonese, Mandarin, German, Korean, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, and French. The tour lasts for an approximated time of four hours including the time of boarding and landing at the points.