Tips For Cleaning The End Of Work Correctly

The necessary reforms of the home manage to completely change the image of a house, renewing it to the point of appearing another. And when you can finally see the result, the astonishment and satisfaction of the owners make it worth the effort and time and money. However, once the initial joy of seeing the newly renovated house is passed, the owners begin to notice the incredible amount of dust generated by the work. And it is time to carry out the cleaning of the end of practice. Do you know how to clean a newly renovated house?

How to clean the house after making a reform

As one of the reference cleaning companies in the southern area of the USA, we want to explain some basic guidelines for cleaning the end of work properly. Pay attention!

Protect yourself from dust and dirt

It is advised that you use the gloves and a mask. Although it seems exaggerated, you should know that during the cleaning of work you can swallow and breathe an abundant amount of dust. If you wear a mask, you will be fully protected and avoid respiratory ailments.

Ventilate the house

Before cleaning the house, you must open each and every one of the windows and let the air be renewed. It is even advisable to put fans pointing to the windows that face the outside, to form a current and the dust to leave the house. Do this preferably at night, when there are no people, while you can get a lot of dust.

Use a sponge

No scouring pads or old rags, to remove dirt roofs and walls the best thing is a soft and damp sponge, but very drained. Otherwise, you can damage the new materials. Of course, it is essential not to drip water. Otherwise, you may end up staining more.

Clean the carpentry with caution

To clean the furniture or wooden doors, the best are the specific cleaners for the care of this material. And of course, you should use a soft and clean cloth, not worth the one you used for other materials.


At this point, only the floors remain, and this is when the vacuum cleaner comes into play. Vacuuming the dust does not get up and dirty the rest of the house, as it would happen with the broom. Think that with a common brush, all the dust would return to the walls and ceilings forcing you to clean the house again. You should go over the floor and the corners with your vacuum cleaner.

Remove paint marks

This is probably the hardest part. To remove stains of paint and varnish, you must use specific non-abrasive products, as you could damage the floor or the surface where you apply it. We recommend that, to avoid irreparable damage, leave this work in the hands of real cleaning professionals. You can contact us without obligation to request information about our cleaning services and explain what you need.